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About us

Gateway Trust Counselling

offers a safe place in which people can seek personal change and the growth of inner peace, in order to move forward.
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Gateway Trust Counselling is a project of Ribble Valley Gateway Trust, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation based in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire. Due to demand, we are only able to work with people from the Ribble Valley Borough District. We offer qualified, professional, counselling to clients, where income is not a barrier. As a charity funded service with Christian faith at our heart, we offer non-judgemental respect to all our clients regardless of race, sexuality, faith or culture.

  • Referral

Our clients are signposted to us by doctors, mental health nurse practitioners, social providers, friends and family. In other words, there is no formal referral system. Indeed people can request counselling for themselves via email, text message or phone call. 

  • Charges

Since we are a charitable service and do not receive any NHS funding, we ask all clients to donate at each session,  dependent upon their income and financial circumstances. However, if this would be difficult for you, please do contact us as we still may be able to help. 

  • Supporting us financially

If you are considering becoming a regular supporter or one-off supporter of our work, we would be grateful as client donations do not cover our costs and so extra support is essential to keep our service open.

  • Counselling style

Our counsellors use a variety of different styles and methods. They are all either fully qualified or students in the later stages of their training and deemed competent to work with members of the public. Clients are matched with suitable counsellors by the clinical manager depending on their needs.

  • Join the team

o   Counsellors

We are always looking for counsellors to join the team. There is no requirement for our counsellors to have a Christian faith, but we do ask that you have sympathy with our faith stance. We are a great community in what can be a fairly isolating job and find the donation of our time really rewarding. 

·       o Welcomers

We have a fantastic team of welcomers who look after clients and counsellors with a brew and a warm welcome. They are an essential part of our team in the work they do to support the counsellors in their roles. 

  • Charitable status

We are a project of Ribble Valley Gateway Trust, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation based in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire.  

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